Artist Page

Joy Benenson

Joy Benenson is a Denver artist who specializes in mixed media artwork using repurposed objects, paint and acrylic.  She grew up in Baltimore Maryland and moved west in 2000.  She started creating works to donate to non profits as a means to give back to the community in a more meaningful way.  Her works are inspired by what she sees in her community as well as what is going on in music and politics.   She believes that beauty can be found even in the darkest places and uses her medium to express these ideas. 

Penney Bidwell

Penney Bidwell came into the world on April Fools’ Day, 1968, and was born into the carnival. Her mother was an accomplished ballerina and carnival show girl, while her father was a third generation carnie on one of the largest traveling carnivals.   Her great grandmother was the tattooed lady in the early 1900’s.

Penney has always been interested in the human experience and the human psyche.   After completing a Masters degree in psychology, she realized a deeper ambition resided in the arts.  After attending a sculpture class in 2006, she discovered her vehicle for expression.  

Penney strives to capture the intimate and internal experience in her artwork.  Her figures each stand alone, even when part of a group.  Each character emerges from the clay directly from her subconscious--characters of imagination, past experiences, family stories, motherhood, fairy tales, and dreams.   They are soulful beings, reflective of deep inner experiences and vulnerabilities. 

Her sculptural pieces are hand built from clay and combine slips, stains, glazes, and sometimes found objects.  She applies several layers of pigments and continues to fire them until she achieves the desired finish.  Her intent is not to control her inspirations, but to remain open and let the imagery inspire her as it develops.  Her subconscious guides her hands, and the story unfolds as she works. The mystery of not knowing where a piece will take her and what she will discover is part of the process that inspires her.

Carol Fennell

Carol Fennell is a Denver artist using a variety of mixed media, including found objects and acrylic paints, to create dimensional wall pieces. Her work is inspired by the love of the natural environment and femininity. Although her current work is driven by concepts and not a particular medium, rich texture and patterns are found in all her pieces. She uses her art to inspire conversation and communicate ideas. Fennell is an award-winning painter who has exhibited for the past twenty years in numerous galleries across the country including Santa Fe, Dallas and Omaha, Vail, Breckenridge, Chicago, Sedona, Denver and Evergreen. She has exhibited in solo shows and museum invitationals including Evansville Museum of Art. Her long career includes the creation of over a hundred unique installations for public spaces including Exempla Good Samaritan, Castle Rock Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Platte Valley Medical, Memorial Hospital, San Luis Valley Health, Jeppesen Air, Melissa and Doug Toys, Sky Ridge Medical and Aspen Veterinary. Recently, she partnered with local nonprofits to create installations that bring attention to current issues.  

Tim Lloyd

A native Coloradan, Tim Lloyd has also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, and New York City. Due to erratic family circumstances, Tim was frequently on the move, which made him both a recurring outsider-turned-integrator in new situations and social groups. He developed a thrill seeking attitude openly embracing precarious experiences, forging substantial friendships along the way. This sensibility stuck with him through college, leading him to get his BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Tim quickly felt a need and developed a deep passion for teaching underserved adolescents of disparate backgrounds, eventually earning an MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado, Denver. Tim started producing morally defying pieces as splintered reflections of lost consciousness. Armed with reckless determination, and learned carpentry skills, he proceeded in creating artifacts, with each piece accompanied by its own narrative. Themes in his artistic approach are the synthesis of the dualistic concepts of the sacred and profane, reverence and irreverence, light and dark. Tim pushes his practice into the void of knowing, and returns with revelations of the unmanifested. His work is intended to challenge viewers to confront their own humanistic beliefs and promote their understanding of the ways in which it is possible for art to transcend language/reason.

Myke Reilly

Myke Reilly’s abstract paintings rely on impulse and primal expression to inform his entire painting process. He allows these impulses without making sense or meaning of them. Reilly, who is also an accomplished designer, imposes upon the form...crafting, manipulating and editing it. He then resolves the form to bring out the essential aesthetic.

Reilly now lives between San Francisco and San Miguel de Allende. His incorporates influences from both cultures. 

Kathy Skarvan

Kathy Skarvan is a Denver based contemporary abstract artist. As an artist she is driven by eye appeal. She has a passion for people, gains energy from her environment and is inspired and motivated when working around other creatives.. She uses multidisciplinary art mediums to build her designs layer by layer. Her work is the result of her artistic journey. She is always searching for new energy to give her artwork visual vitality. Her process mixes colors, shapes, line and texture. It is ever changing.